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Aero Atlanta Flight Experiences Packages | Overview

Imagine giving someone a gift that will change their life forever. Aero Atlanta flight experience certificates make it possible, by allowing individuals to discover (or rediscover) their passion for aviation. From the very first flight, they will experience the unparalleled freedom that is only possible through general aviation. Becoming a pilot opens up a world of opportunities for business or leisure travel, and makes the journey just as much fun as the destination.

It all starts with one of our customized experience packages. Each experience is available in one of our Cessna 172SP Skyhawk (RYY or PDK) or Cirrus SR20/SR22 (PDK only) aircraft. Please refer to the individual experience packages below for pricing. When you're ready to buy, or if you need help choosing an experience, please call us at (770) 422-2376 and we'll answer your questions and take your payment information over the phone. Then your certificate will be INSTANTLY delivered via e-mail!

Experience Details

Intro Flight Experience - $299 (Cessna 172SP) / $499 (Cirrus SR20) / $649 (Cirrus SR22)

The intro flight experience is the perfect introduction to general aviation (small planes). The experience begins as one of our certified flight instructors takes you through a pre-flight briefing. Then, you'll take flight (and the controls) for a one hour adventure to see Atlanta (maybe even your home or office) like never before!

The 2 Hour Flight Experience - $649 (Cessna 172SP) / $999 (Cirrus SR20) / $1,249 (Cirrus SR22)

The 2 Hour Flight Experience is tailored to the individual who wants to take one step past the Intro Flight Experience to see what their flight training experience will encompass. This experience is one flight broken down into 2 or 3 legs. The flight includes a destination for a lunch or dinner and also includes pre- and post-flight briefings as well as introductions into basic aerodynamics and physics of lift. Note - package includes aircraft and flight instructor time only. Incidental expenses including ramp fees, ground transportation and meals are client's responsibility.

The 5 Hour Flight Experience - $1,699 (Cessna 172SP) / $2,499 (Cirrus SR20) / $3,199 (Cirrus SR22)

The 5 Hour Flight Experience is designed for the inquisitive aviator who wants to delve further into the world of general aviation and discover what it's like to actively pursue a pilot certificate. The experience is broken down into 3 flights and begins with an Intro Flight Experience. The training continues on subsequent flights to include a destination airport, often in another state for lunch or dinner. The experience immerses the student in the world of flight training with development of flying skills and briefings on aerodynamics, physics of lift, regulations and airplane systems (lunch or dinner included).

The Return To Flight Experience - $1,999 (Cessna 172SP) / $2,999 (Cirrus SR20) / $3,849 (Cirrus SR22)

The Return to Flight Experience is designed for already certificated pilots who wish to exercise their airman privileges after not having flown for a period of a year more. This experience utilizes the FAA requirements for completion of a Flight Review and focuses on bringing the pilot back up to speed with the ultimate goal of allowing the pilot to once again fly as pilot-in-command. While this experience is offered for a maximum of 6 hours of flight time, more hours can be added for additional cost if needed as total time for completion will vary based upon pilot proficiency.

Create Your Own Experience - Choose Your Amount (Starting at $100)

Don't see exactly what you're looking for? You can create your own flight experience package in any denomination! Simply give us a call at (770) 422-2376 and let us know you want to create your own experience. Certificates are available in any amount starting at just $100.