Recurrent Training

Aero Atlanta offers a variety of continuing education programs designed to help certificated pilots maintain currency and recency of experience requirements mandated by the FAA and private insurance carriers.

As a Cirrus Training Center, Aero Atlanta requires current Cirrus renters to complete 90 day and yearly recurrent training in AAFC aircraft. For private aircraft owners, AAFC flight instructors can offer recurrent training on flight and systems operation or to satisfy insurance requirements.

Recurrent Training and Flight Reviews
AAFC Snapshot - Staying Sharp
An Aero Atlanta flight instructor discusses a VFR sectional chart with a pilot during a flight review. Regular recurrent training will make you a safer pilot.

Flight Review

The flight review is required every 24 months by the FAA for pilots to maintain their ability to pilot an aircraft. The flight review consists of a minimum of one hour of ground review and one hour of flight time with a certified flight instructor. Aero Atlanta flight instructors will work with each pilot to come up with a custom designed flight review plan based upon the pilot's flying history.

For pilots who are actively flying, the flight review can usually be accomplished in one session with an instructor. For pilots who haven't flown in a few months or a few years, Aero Atlanta has extensive experience in helping restore a pilot's certificate. Please contact us to schedule your flight review today.

Instrument Proficiency Check

The Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) is a required check for instrument pilots who are looking to restore their instrument flying proficiency. A instructor conducting an IPC uses guidance provided by the Instrument Pilot Practical Test Standards. The IPC consists of a series of instrument related flight tasks including approaches, holding and abnormal procedures.

It is suggested that pilots who are out of instrument currency take time to practice with a qualified instructor or pilot in advance of their IPC as instrument skills often require dedicated practice to obtain proficiency.